About Me

I have something to say... But a blog let's me spew until I figure out what it is.

About Me

What would you like to know? I am every bit a Taurus. I enjoy art, music, and theatre - all those cliche things. I am a wife and mother, "Alpha" dog to two canines (a Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier named "Bailey" and a Silkie Terrier named "Jackie") and enjoy the companionship of our Mainecoon-esque cat, "Caighlyn".

I was born in Brooklyn, raised in the Poconos, reside in Tampa Bay, Florida but am a Jersey-an at heart.

I am a Rutgers alum (in pride only!) and, at one time, actively pursued a career in Opera performance. It wasn't for me.

I am not gullable, but fall into the wrong friendships repeatedly. I am savvy, but an aquired taste. I can be abrassive, but never mean to be.

I appreciate logic above all else and believe that, universally, culture has lost the ability to live in neutrality.

I am a little bit of everything.